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For the institution

  • Currently, the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have transformed and penetrated all areas of society.
  • Our solution allows your institution to promote the so-called Digital Knowledge society.
  • You can initiate a process of educational innovation that allows to:
    • Build and achieve a new teaching model of knowledge.
    • Set up and creation of new learning environments.
    • Transform the school and teachers’ culture to the new digital society.
  • Provide a response to society demands, modernizing the educational model for new generations, taking advantage of IT resources.
  • Enhance investments in educational technology.
  • Our solution promotes the creation and use of an interactive educational approach, stimulating active learning and supporting the competence and skills development.
  • Improves education management and the communication with student’s parents.

Teachers benefits

  • Capability to manage all teaching resources in a simple and powerful environment.
  • Provide access to multimedia content in an orderly and timely way.
    • Multimedia Library for every topic in the course.
    • A digital library related to the course.
    • Or a separate Generic digital library.
  • Improve students’ interest.
  • Monitoring the progress in meeting learning objectives.
  • Improves Institutional interaction and communication.
  • Better communication with the student population.
  • Collaboration with peers in other classrooms in different locations.
  • Remote Sessions.
  • Audio / video live conferences.
  • Institutional content publication.
  • Ability to develop content in a simple and inexpensive way.
  • Diverse services: Email, calendar of events, discussion boards, chats, etc.

Student benefits

  • Extends the classroom to home.
  • Ability to review the content seen in class through Internet.
  • Maintain contact with teachers and classmates.
  • Download/Upload homework.
  • Participate in collaborative activities.
  • Perform exercises and interactive activities.

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Success Stories

International School of Aravaca - Madrid, Spain

Telebachillerato - Veracruz, Mexico

Colegio de Bachilleres - Mexico

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